Hummingbird love from Ecuador

I have to say my favorite part about Ecuador was the variety of hummers even though some of them got quite angry with me. And then there was that incident with the Violet-tailed Sylph, which left me a little shaken and ashamed. All that notwithstanding, hummingbirds still have a special place in my heart. They whiz by like little George Jetsons and oftentimes get right in your face and look right at you. It’s their fearlessness I adore. While most birds are shy to make an appearance, hummers don’t disappoint.

It's a party now at the feeders.

So here’s the thing. I’ve got a lot of photos here for you to peruse. I put them in a gallery so if you just click on any (start with the first one if you’d like) it will take you to the snazzy gallery for really cool viewing with a nice black background.

We’re hoping we ID’d them all correctly. We shouldn’t have waited so long to sit down and ID, but I procrastinated, I’m afraid. It all just seemed so daunting. I’m open to corrections, of course. (Remember, I’m accidental, so it’s bound to happen.)

PS: I apologize in advance for some of the crummy lighting, which was more my issue than nature’s. I’m still trying to figure out how to be a photographer and sometimes my settings just suck.

After the gallery below be sure to see the video I captured at Tandayapa Lodge.

Gallery (click on any photo)


Here’s the video of the hummingbirds at Tandayapa Lodge. The lodge has about 10 or so feeders around the property and I don’t know how many times the staff refilled the feeders during the day, but it was a lot! There are a lot of hungry hummers everywhere. (Click on the video image below and it will start playing.)

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