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Adjacent Birding in Kissimmee, Florida

The Great Florida Birding Trail, which spans over 800 miles across the state crosses right through Central Florida, offers considerable birding, wildlife and nature opportunities you can’t get at a theme park.

Hummingbirds of Costa Rica

Something about hummingbirds feels delicate, precious and even otherworldly…that’s why I’ve pulled together my favorite photos from our recent trip.

Costa Rica: A final stop at Rancho Naturalista

From the moment we booked our trip to Costa Rica I wanted to make sure that I had the opportunity to see the Snowcap. I first learned of this little hummingbird during a live virtual birding event at the beginning of the Covid pandemic.

Costa Rica: Cloud Forest Birding at Savegre

I understood in that moment why artists depicted angels with wings, and why the ancient Mayas and Aztec worshipped this bird . There was something divine about it.

Costa Rica: Birding Puerto Jiménez

I marveled at the crimson head of the Pale-billed Woodpecker that hammered away on a tree. And the Black-mandibled Toucan was closer than I’d ever seen.

Costa Rica: From Guanacaste to Dominical

Having family with a house in Costa Rica is amazing. Each morning I awoke to the distant call of toucans.

Costa Rica: Birding Rio Celeste

Howler monkeys in the distance screamed and bellowed in response. They weren’t happy to hear the truck either.

Costa Rica: Loads of Birds at Arenal Observatory Lodge

That’s when a flurry of Montezuma Oropendulas, Brown Jays, Pale-billed Aracari, Crested Guans and Great Currasows appeared and clamored to get to the fruit.

Birding Costa Rica: Arenal and Hanging Bridges

Everyone came rushing toward me as I pointed into the forest with my right hand. Honestly, I don’t know how they missed its bright yellow breast gleaming in the open as it perched on the branch.

France: A path forward

It had been over an hour of tripping, with thorny branches pulling and tugging on me and I was horrified by Frédéric’s bloody legs. I’d had enough of this hike.