Great Egret and her chicks: Learning to eat takes practice

Think about it. You probably weren’t that adept at eating right off the bat, were you? Chocolate all over your face. Cheerios strewn on the floor beneath your high chair. And let’s not forget about spaghetti. Your parents probably have photographic evidence of all this.

Same with the Great Egret chicks at Smith Oaks Sanctuary at High Island, Texas. Eating takes practice, especially when you have a long beak and your food is being passed to you by another even longer beak.

The mom (we’re assuming this is the female here even though both the male and female will feed the chicks) prepares food for the chicks by regurgitating either a fish or frog.


This little guy is having a bit of trouble. He’s got the right idea, but grasping your mom’s face isn’t going to provide you food.


Mom, still patient, is waiting for her chick to figure this out.


Oh hey, there we go! Now he’s got the hang of it.


Now for brother to get some and he’s much better right off the start.


Happy chicks. Happy tummies. Happy Mom. Another successful feeding.

Great Egret female regurgitating food for chick