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France: A path forward

It had been over an hour of tripping, with thorny branches pulling and tugging on me and I was horrified by Frédéric’s bloody legs. I’d had enough of this hike.

France – Last days of Languedoc

We enjoyed our last picnic in the shade by the Orbieu river where both a Golden Oriole and Hoopoe took turns serenading us. This would be the last time I’d enjoy one of Dominique’s fantastic Mediterranean salads.

France: Birding from the plains to the mountains

Each breakfast, Dominique greeted us with her sing-songy, “Bon jour!” It’s the way I want to wake up every morning, I decided. With a song and a croissant. As we drove to our… Continue reading

France: Keeping up

We were a small band of birders in the South of France. Joining Steve and me was another couple, Ann and Brian, from the U.K., and they were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.… Continue reading

Birding France: It’s finally real

It wasn’t until I took a bite of creamy brie at our first picnic on this birding tour that I knew it was real. We were finally in France. We booked a birding… Continue reading

Birding Panama’s Ammo Dump Ponds

During World War II when the US had control of the Panama Canal the US stored ammunition in bunkers to protect the canal from the Japanese. It was in this military zone (called the… Continue reading

All alone in Panama

Whistling Herons are not even supposed to be in Panama. But sometimes birds go exploring. Or get swept away by wind and storms. Or, as in this case, went looking for food to… Continue reading

What a little sunshine will do

Our guide, Beny Wilson, assured me that the birds would be out in abundance after the rain stopped. I grew up in Oregon, so I’m used to rain. Lots of it. So getting… Continue reading

Partly cloudy with no chance of showers

HOLY CRAP! THE ALARM DIDN’T GO OFF! We fly out of bed. There’s no time to shower. (Sorry all you people we had to sit next to on the bus.) Thank goodness I… Continue reading

Looking for the White Wise Spirit

The milky white of the owl was startling and her yellow eyes locked on us with appropriate caution and concern. I had to remind myself to breathe.