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Tobago: And then there were two

We skulk around a dense, shadowy forested area where there is no path, moving limbs and vines out of our way. It’s a little precarious leaving the security of a trail.

The Tobago part: A long tail and tall tale

At the top of the cliffside the sky is filled with spectacular Red-billed Tropicbirds with their long streamer tails. They fly like fairies, gliding and swooping with their aerial acrobatics.

Trinidad and Tobago: It’s Easter Week

And here we are in Trinidad…where a bus full of revelers parks right next to our search for a bird.

Trinidad and Tobago: Caroni Swamp

All of a sudden a big flock of Scarlet Ibis fills the sky and swoops into the trees to roost. This goes on for the next 20 minutes as more flocks come in.

Trinidad and Tobago: The opening act

Part 1 of our trip to Trinidad and Tobago.

Not exactly the pelagic lifer I was looking for

My husband and I just completed a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise we enjoyed over the holidays.  (In fact, I’m sitting in the New Orleans International Airport as I write this, waiting for our… Continue reading