Shout out to Bel-Rea Vet Tech School


Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology, one of the largest Vet Tech Schools in the U.S. attracts students who devote their lives to helping animals. I was recently contacted by Bel-Rea’s media advisor  who informed me that this very blog, The Accidental Birder, was voted into their list of Top 25 Bird Bloggers of 2015.

Aw, shucks.

This is very exciting to me. I began blogging about birds several years ago because I was new to the world of birds. (This is how I got started.) My husband had taken my hand and led me down this rabbit hole and I’ve never looked back as I meandered my way looking for birds, tasting new cultures and meeting new people. But mostly it was because on our hikes, while my husband was focused intently on looking for a bird, I let my mind wander as I made sense of everything I saw and heard. Every experience opened up a story where I always learned something.

It’s also been an exercise of sharing this world to others. While I have followers and readers who are considerably more seasoned and knowledgable about birds than I could ever be–people who kindly and gently correct me when I’ve misidentified a bird (and I thank you all for that)–a lot of what I hope to do is introduce others to this seemingly nerdy world of birding.

Many of Bel-Rea’s students, like me, may not have been born wired for a love for birds but, as Bel-Rea’s representative informed me, their students have acquired this love through experiences with our feathered friends. Many vet students end up working in wildlife refuges and vet offices, even watching over the welfare of the birds for events like the hummingbird banding I  participated in and wrote about.

So, thank you Bel-Rea for recognizing this blog and for letting me know it’s helpful to your students. While writing has helped me unravel my experiences out in the field to make sense of the world, it’s an added bonus to know that I can help others learn more about the avian world around us.